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Repair fan – it repair process dynamic (rotating) equipment with a required diagnosis before stopping mechanism, a consistent repair technology and output control (start test) on the stage of the start-up of the unit.
     Repair of fans, blowers, exhausters and in place without disassembly by far the most profitable from an economic point of view, the approach to repairs, developed by the company BALTECH. Before the repair the fan undergoes a complete diagnostics on a regular (working) modes, if these modes are several, then it is better to do vibration analysis for all modes. The results of the preliminary examination repair the fan (blower or exhauster) using the analyzer BALTECH VP-3470 with the software BALTECH-Expert, our experts can clearly tell in what condition are the bearings (rolling bearings or plain bearings) and fan impellers, and blower drive (electric motor). According to results of contour survey can also predict the remaining life of the whole mechanism, if it is not possible to make repair of the fan at the moment in full.
After diagnosis, and complete disassembly of the fan (blower or exhauster), if necessary, we recommend you to replace the bearing, check the condition of the foundations and frames to check the geometry of the impeller and coupling, to check the status of the electrical parts.

Installation of bearings should be performed only by using the induction heaters BALTECH HI-1610 or BALTECH HI-1612, which has the function of demagnetization. Repair of the fan will be high quality, if You first do the alignment axes of the shafts with low-cost system BALTECH SA-4100, and the next step will perform the balancing of the rotor of the impeller in own bearings using vibration meter-tachometer-balancer BALTECH VP-3470 or portable balancing device BALTECH VP-3460.

The recommended stages of repair of fans, blowers and exhausters:

Stage 1 - vibration Analysis – BALTECH VP-3470, BALTECH VP-3460
Stage 2 - Analysis of oil and grease – oil Tester kit BALTECH OA-5000
Stage 3 - Check the plane of the Foundation BALTECH LL-9110
Stage 4 - quality Check of rolling bearings - the Stand BALTECH BCM-6150
Stage 5 - Installation. Installation of rolling bearings Induction heater BALTECH HI-1630
Stage 6 - shaft Alignment – BALTECH SA-4000, BALTECH SA-4100
Stage 7 - Plate centering for electric motors - BALTECH-23458N
Stage 8 - Balancing of the fan impeller on the machine BALTECH HBM-7130
Stage 9 - Balancing in own bearings of the rotor – BALTECH VP-3470, BALTECH VP-3460
Output control of fans, blowers and exhausters.
Stage 10 – vibration Analysis of the fan (blower, exhaust fan) – vibration analyzer BALTECH VP-3470 and the software BALTECH-Expert
Stage 11 - Analysis of oil and grease – oils Tester BALTECH OA-5000
Stage 12- temperature Control – Infrared thermometer BALTECH TL-0215C or infrared camera BALTECH TR-01800 Zorro.


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