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      BALTECH more than fifteen years of experience in service of compressors and dynamic (rotor) equipment.
Industrial compressors are used to compress atmospheric air up to a pressure of from a few to several hundred bar, and may have a capacity of up to several thousand liters per minute. Uninterrupted operation of the compressors guarantee quality and long-term operation of the process equipment, therefore, service of compressors must run on schedule and in full. We recommend you to do a monthly vibration analysis of compressors and compressor installations using analyzers BALTECH VP-3470-Ex and software BALTECH-Expert, and to inspect the alignment of the axes of the shafts with a precision of 0.02 mm using alignment system BALTECH SA-4300.

Companies that offer maintenance and service of compressors, should be well equipped with systems of technical diagnostics and control of operational parameters. So, for example, exceeding the level of vibration on the bearings of the working of the compressor can lead to premature failure, so the staff performing the service of compressors, it is mandatory to know the limits of vibration according to ISO 10816, as well as to understand the possible reasons causing this vibration. When you service compressors, the specialist must ensure that no imbalance on the rotor of the compressor and, if necessary, perform balancing (balancing of rotor).
Rotor unbalance can be caused by different reasons, including wear and breakage of the working blades, therefore, the service of compressors should include the disassembly and inspection of both rotary and stator elements of the drive and the compressor. Another cause of excessive vibration - is the presence of misalignment, most often in the coupling connecting the compressor and the electric motor (actuator). Execution of works on the alignment of the coupling connections is a mandatory procedure included in service of compressors. Company BALTECH GmbH recommends the use of calibrated metal plates for laser shaft alignment series BALTECH-23458N.

To increase the efficiency of compressors service should include checking the position of the rotor relative to the diaphragms and the oil bores, in these cases, use special laser measuring devices. Service of compressors should include monitoring of the oil condition to determine optimal timing of replacement and monitoring of wear of the lubricated surfaces. One of the important operating parameters of the compressor is its temperature characteristics, therefore, the service of compressors includes a compulsory thermal imaging inspection using thermal cameras BALTECH TR-01800 Zorro. Only a comprehensive approach to service compressors guarantee its long and trouble-free operation.

We invite all technical experts to visit our office in Germany (lübeck) and our trainings TOP-101 "the Alignment of the shafts of compressors. Service compressors" or  TOP-102 "Dynamic balancing of compressors and fans".


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