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      Installation of electric motor should be performed after obtaining security clearance from the responsible electrical equipment. During the installation of the motor, be sure to check out: • the condition of the Foundation, • electric wiring diagram, • as the supporting "legs" of the motor and the shell, • centering of the line shaft or center pulley, depending on the type of transmission (coupling or belt). For accurate shaft alignment you will need a system of electric motors alignment BALTECH SA-4300, and for centering the electric machine pulley with another pulley system is necessary Fixturlaser PAT Combo. And in that and in other case to position the electric motor at altitude we recommend to use the calibrated plate for centering BALTECH-23458N. If our standard plate is not suitable for you in size or width of the groove, then we are ready to make calibrated metal plate according to your drawings or sketches. Please note that if in an operating mode the motor heats up or the drive mechanism extends, installation of electric motor should be based on the compensation values (for example, the motor in the cold state is set below "0"). The installation of the electric motor ends up obtaining admission to the unit, then it is a start. According to the regulations of the energy industry powerful mechanisms shall be checked for alignment in 72 hours after start-up, small and less powerful units can be checked in 24-48 hours. How to determine break-in period was successful or not? We recommend you to perform output control of electric motors methods of technical diagnostics: 1) the Control parameters of the vibration analyzer BALTECH VP-3470 and software BALTECH-Expert; 2) to control the temperature of the complete thermal camera BALTECH TR-01800 Zorro or inexpensive infrared thermometers BALTECH TL-0215C, 3) the Control parameters of the oils and lubricants in the motor. Use the oils tester BALTECH OA-5000, which specifies dielektricheskoi permeability of oil. We invite all technical experts to visit our office in Germany (lübeck) and our trainings TOP-101 "the Alignment of the shafts of compressors. Service compressors" or TOP-102 "Dynamic balancing of compressors and fans".


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BALTECH-23458N - Installation of the motor, the electrical mBALTECH-23458N - Installation of the motor, the electrical m

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