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Portable laser thermometers are used for diagnosis of thermal networks. Infrared thermometer (pyrometer) is in demand not only in the professional sphere. It can be used and ordinary citizens in the multi-storey zdaniyah (angular, on the first and last floor) in a newly built private home (here due to subsidence of foundations or walls cracks may appear in the walls, floor, ceilings, installed double-glazed Windows). Infrared thermometer will detect and eliminate these "harmful" gap.

Types of infrared thermometers.

Type the pyrometers are divided into stationary and portable devices.

Stationary infrared thermometers.

Body infrared thermometer is fixed is made of stainless steel. Therefore, this device weighs 1kg (at least). Durable material allows you to mount the device in areas with high humidity or with high temperature air (80°C). The device can be located near operating equipment in all industrial sectors. The dust and shavings that appeared during the working process, will not affect the measurement accuracy.
Stationary pyrometer connected to the power supply, can operate continuously, and is intended for diagnostics of serviceability of mechanisms (units, machines or their individual parts on the production lines of enterprises.

Portable infrared thermometers.

A portable device is made of durable plastic, which facilitates its weight (grams 30-450). It can operate in a wide temperature range (for example, the pyrometer BALTECH TL-0215C has a temperature measurement range of object -50C...+1500С), keeping the accuracy of measurements under adverse weather conditions. Without occupying much space, portable, versatile device series "ThermaLine" convenient for transportation.
However, the office of such thermometers is limited because they operate on batteries (rechargeable, alkaline). Average working time of 15-18 hours, but it all depends on the number of measurements and model of the device.

Infrared thermometer (heat elements) are widely used for error check wiring (controls the space temperature or heat leaks through the building envelope:

  • • Walls of buildings;
    • Water pipes;
    • Diagnosis ventilation;
    • Diagnostics of electrical equipment.

Infrared models.

The optimal choice for the condition of the insulation on the walls of buildings or water pipes (heating). The data on the display of the pyrometer, is shown in the figures. You only need to bring a pyrometer to the controlled object, and to measure the temperature. Models are available with monochrome and multicolor image.

Two-tone (tri-color) pyrometers are recommended for use:
• At enterprises;
• On construction sites;
• To measure the temperature of the material, changing in the process, the aggregate state.

By measuring the ratio of several waves in different wavelengths, they, in spite of obstructions, dust or smoke in the air, will give accurate results.

In places without dust, smoke or humidity, you can apply monochrome techniques.
The most common infrared thermometers are today, are the pyrometers BALTECH TL-0208C, as on a ratio the price/functionality they occupy a leading position in the market. Temperature range (-50C...+800C) and a magnificent sight ratio of 1:50, that is, from a distance of 5 meters you capture the active area measures 10 inches. We do not recommend that you purchase a thermometer with a lower coefficient-of-sight (divergence of the measurement beam), as with increasing distance from the object, the error will increase.
All models of thermometers are always in stock at our office BALTECH GmbH, therefore, the date of delivery to any region is 1-3 days.

Recommend that you enroll in our training courses are TOP-105 "Thermography. Thermal non-destructive testing. ISO 18436-7".


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