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New thermal camera BALTECH TR-01800 Zorro represent the most modern and innovative solution. Thermal, visual and interactive 3D image in one camera BALTECH for the first time on the market developed the concept for an effective thermography – THREE types of images in one. 1) the Thermograms is due to the large matrix of 640x480 pixels you will get a quality thermographic image from any distance without limit. From any distance you will see even a small hot spot with clear boundaries to determine the exact location. 2) a Full-length picture – built-in color digital video camera 5.0 megapixels will allow you to make a quality image of the object and the POP - Picture on Picture the Picture-in-Picture to overlay the thermal image on the opposite or visual image to overlay the thermal image. In the menu of the thermal imager you need only to select this mode. 3) 3D video image – by connecting 3D video glasses your features in thermography are endless. Now if I connect a 3D video module you can perform thermography on strategy Without barriers "No barriers". The diagnostician can "Without limits" to see from the shelter even the most inaccessible locations, allowing you to make thermography safer for the user. This complex is the most effective tool for technical inspection, solving problems of planning and technical inspection or energy audit. BALTECH TR-01800 Zorro has a wide temperature measuring range –40C...+1700С. Matrix with a resolution of 640x480 you can use these cameras in all industries (energy, metallurgy, petrochemicals, paper industry, transport, engineering), to measure the temperature of various objects, as well as when carrying out inspections of building envelopes. This essential thermal imaging complex will be in medicine or the military-industrial complex. All the users of this imager we provide a free week of training at our training courses in the office of the company BALTECH GmbH TOP-104 "Thermography. The basics of thermal imaging survey".


Baltech GmbH
Schleswig-Holstein - Lübeck
BALTECH TR-01800 Zorro – new thermal camera, infrared camera

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