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The BALTECH company offers a comprehensive solution to the problems of equipment diagnostics at your enterprise and is a leader in its field. BALTECH Company has its own development and programming department, which allows us to improve our equipment and be as perfect as possible taking into account your feedback, recommendations on devices.
For more than 20 years, the Company specializes in the development and manufacture of devices that are widely used in all industrial fields. All manufactured instruments according to technical characteristics and quality comply with international standards and our company is certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001: 2000 (certificate No. 07.203.026).
Oil analysis is one of the key methods in aviation, railway, marine, automobile and other industries, which complements such methods as vibration analysis, thermography, etc.
It is not for nothing that the oil system is called the “circulatory system” of the machine, since the wear particles present in the oil carry reliable information about the processes occurring between functionally related parts, the type of wear of the rubbing bodies and its intensity. It follows that the state of the oil should be considered as an indicator of the “health” of the entire unit.
To analyze the oil during its operation, BALTECH, which is the exclusive representative of Spectro Scientific (USA) in Russia, the CIS and the Baltic countries, recommends purchasing a complete series of MiniLab 153 mini laboratories.
This minilab consists of four unique instruments, which with the help of four simple tests, in less than 15 minutes, allows for a complete analysis of the oil. To work with the device you do not need to be an analytical chemist, since the device does not require solvents, sample sample preparation and special chemical education of personnel.
The composition of this miniLab MiniLab 153 includes:
• The Q120C Elemental Analyzer, using the rotating disk electrode method, measures up to 32 cells from Li to Ce in less than 30 seconds at ppm.
• Portable MiniVisc 3050 viscometer, which, without solvents, determines the kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C and 100 ° C in the range from 1 to 700 cSt.
• LaserNet 200 Series Particle Counter, which allows you to obtain particle silhouettes, count them and classify wear particles greater than 20 microns into the following classes: cutting, fatigue, shear, non-metallic particles and fibers. Thanks to which a specialist can determine the type of wear particles, their stage and the potential source of their internal components of the equipment.
• FluidScan 1100 Infrared Spectrometer. This portable instrument, using one drop of oil in less than one minute, detects a chemical change (oxidation, nitration, sulfonation, soot, glycol, TAN, TBN) in the sample oil. With the help of the oil library, into which new oils can be added, counterfeiting can be detected.
BALTECH company not only specializes in the manufacture of devices and their supply, but also provides training to improve the skills of specialists in the field of operation, repair, technical supervision and maintenance of industrial equipment.
In the licensed (BALTECH) Advanced Training Center “BALTECH” (License No. 3582 dated September 24, 2018), you can take a training course “Fundamentals of the theory of machine lubrication. Tribodiagnosis. An oil analysis method under operating conditions. ”
The purpose of which is to develop students' knowledge and skills on the fundamental principles of the theory of friction, lubrication and wear of solids. In the practical part, you will be shown the basic instruments for tribotechnical measurements and highly qualified technical service specialists will share their experience in using the results of oil analysis in practice in the field of maintenance and operation of friction units.
Training courses on the topics of NO-2010 "The concept of" Reliable equipment "(developer Romanov Roman Alexandrovich, 921-757-90-51) and" TOP-105 Fundamentals of the theory of lubrication of machines. Tribodiagnosis. The oil analysis method under operating conditions ”is carried out within five working days and lasting forty academic hours.


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Analysis of oils and lubricants Spectro Scientific, Q120CAnalysis of oils and lubricants Spectro Scientific, Q120C

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